Making life changes

follow your heartEver since opening my shop I have dreamed of quitting my ‘day job’ and working on my shop full time. Well that day has finally come! After teaching preschool for twelve years I felt it was time to move on.

There are so many reasons for me to stay where I was and continue on with life as I knew it. But honestly I wanted more. When I started teaching it was only supposed to be part time until I was done with school. Well that didn’t happen. Out of love for the children (and maybe a little fear of change) I stayed year after year. Change is not my thing. Every time we’ve moved from one house to the next I cried even it I hated living there. So to quit my job, to do what I love was HUGE for me. It took a good two years for my sales to become consistent enough that I felt comfortable leaving my day job. Having all the pressure on me to make a living at this full time is kind of scary. We prayed about it a lot and felt like now was the right time. Even after giving my notice at work I was still second guessing myself about wither I made the right decision or not. The July came and confirmed it for me. My shop had record sales and everyday I thanked God for his reassurance.

Change is scary but good, and most of all necessary.



One thought on “Making life changes

  1. I loved this. Change is good. If you would have told me 10 years ago- “hey, in 2014 you Tracy are going to sign your life away to student loans, go back to school and change your major to something entirely different from what you abandoned almost 20 years ago. And you will do this with two kids oh and work two jobs.” I would have told you code 5150 will give you a mandatory hold Mesa Vista and have a nice stay. LOL One of my clients always says “it’s good to be stretched.” It good to get into an entirely different routine as well. Closing FHPPS chapter is a good thing. And bring on what is coming up for you! 😉

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