CherieBee started as a nickname and now has become a dream come true.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed creating things. When I was thirteen I created my first scrapbook as a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day. From then on I created books for special things like my senior year, my bridal shower, etc. After my wedding scrapbooking became more than just a way to document the major events in my life, it became and true passion and creative outlet. A few years back my husband built a cnc router. Once I realized that I could import fonts the machine became my toy rather than his tool. After playing around creating wood mini albums I got the idea to list some on Etsy. I was so excited when I sold my first one! It was the best feeling knowing that  someone would actually want to pay for something we made. From then on I added new products here and there. When I got a custom request for a wedding guest book I was thrilled! Knowing that something we made would be part of their most special day was something so special to me. I love being married and cherish my wedding day so the fact we could be involved in someone else’ (even in the smallest way) was pure joy.

Now we have added other styles of wedding guestbooks along with new products such as our craft storage boxes. That idea was born from the need to house my growing collection of Project Life supplies. We also love doing other custom projects, here are some of our most recent collaborations:

 New signage for my favorite local scrapbook store Paper Tales!

portfolio pics 003-1 portfolio pics 005-1

We are honored to be part of Elise Joys make 29 project!

(these are the raw unfinished versions)

portfolio pics 002-1

Another fun project was creating wine menus for Gwynnett St, a trendy Brooklyn restaurant featured in Esquire magazines  best new restaurants in 2012

portfolio pics 001-1

If you are interested in a custom order please contact us below!