One Little Word 2013

This year is all about new beginnings. There are many things I hope to accomplish this year. Lots of change…all for the good. I’m looking at it like a fresh start.
One major change happening now is we are moving. Downsizing by half, which means a lot of purging. It’s a great feeling yet also very hard to let go of some things. I know once we get settled in our new place I’ll be happy but for now it’s stressful! So over the next month there will be little blogging. Once we’re settled I’ll be back in action with lots of new projects to share!
Happy 2013 everyone! 

12 favorite moments of 2012

1) A wild and crazy night out on the town 2) Kona Kai scrapbook retreat 3) Spending lazy summer days in our pool 4) Taking an unexpected road trip with my Daddy 5) My scrap space getting published on two different sites 6) Having sleep overs with my favorite little lady 7) Exploring Park City in the summer 8) Celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary in Palm Springs 9) Diving into Project life and Loving it 10) Getting to see ten concerts 11) Growing CherieBee 12) Seeing Toby Keith sing Red Solo Cup in person

Wishing everyone a safe & fun New Years! May 2013 be your best year yet!

My new project

 Or maybe I should say my big project!
I have been wanting a vintage trailer for years. Actually when I first signed up for Pinterst it was because I was looking for trailer ideas ( I clearly had no idea what Pinterest had to offer!)
So when a family member was just going to take this bad boy to the dump I freaked out and picked it up immediately! So now we get the fun of bringing it back to life. I’m sure it will be a slow process but I will show you guys updates. I’m so excited!!! Now off to research….

Thanksgiving + Turning 29

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your feasts out there today. Soon I’ll be heading over to my Moms for an evening full of food, fun and maybe just a little chaos. That’s what the holidays are for right?

Well today is not only Thanksgiving but it also my birthday. Today I turn 29…eek! How can I possibly be twenty nine already?!?!? As I was thinking about turning another year older and only one year away from thirty I started freaking out a little. When I was younger I would think ‘oh by the time I’m thirty I’ll have it all figured out’ no this is not the case. And I’m sure over the next year that will not happen either. However I did realize one thing, instead of being sad about getting older and not accomplishing everything I thought I should have done by this time. I should be thankful to be having another birthday. Not everyone gets the chance to turn twenty nine. So today I am feeling blessed. Blessed to be a year older, blessed to have such a supportive husband and family, and blessed for this great life I have.

May God bless each one of you this Thanksgiving!

My Love mini

This is a quick little mini I made my husband for his birthday. He’s very hard to shop for so I decided something to show him how much I love him would be better than a different gift.

It was super simple to make. I just sewed together three sheets of paper then folded them in half.
And please ignore my chipped Halloween nail polish!
Have a great day!!

wonderful weekend

This weekend I got to attend a scrapbook getaway at the lovely Kona Kai resort hosted by Scrappin Escapes. It was SO much fun! We scrapped until the wee hours of the morning (like 4:30am!) got up and did it all again. My checks will be hurting for a week we laughed so hard!

 How amazing are these sunsets?!?! 

The hotel was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. If you ever get a chance to do something like this I will highly recommend it. I’ll share some of my project life progress later in the week. You will definitely catch me there next year!

It’s almost that time

Hello! Hopefully every one’s week is off to a good start.
My mind is in full on Christmas mode. Usually this time of year I’m annoyed that you can barley find Thanksgiving stuff because the stores have packed up Halloween and already put out Christmas. However this year it’s different. I’m dying for Christmas time to get here! I’ve been making decorations, creating new products and of course starting on my December Daily album.
This is a little peek at whats to come. Very rough hot off the press cut 🙂
And I know I’ve been complaining about the heat but that’s nothing compared to what everyone on the East Coast is going through. So I’ll take the heat over a hurricane any day. No more complaining 🙂
Praying for the safety of everyone over there!

Etsy love

Latley I’ve been doing a little shopping on Etsy. Here are some of the products I’ve bought and loved!

This stuff is amazing! It’s Fall in a jar!

Love the mix over glitter shapes in their nail polishes.
Happy shopping!