December Daily 2012 // days 22 – 25


2013 007

2013 008

2013 009

These are the last few pages of my December Daily from last year.  We got to 3-4 houses each day so they are jammed full of goodness. Tying lets me get more of the story in there without having to add 20 more pages.  I am so ready to start this years book! Just a few more weeks…whohoo!

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December Daily 2012 // days 13 – 21

december daily 2012 020 december daily 2012 022 december daily 2012 024I love including christmas cards from my closest friends in my album. It’s a great way to display those photo cards from your loved ones. It’s hard to tell in the photo but the number 19 page is glitter paper covered with a transparency, I added sequences then sewed it all together. After it was assembled I embellished on top of it.

December Daily 2012 // days 1 – 5

december daily 2012 003 december daily 2012 004 december daily 2012 005 december daily 2012 009By now you’ve probably realized I’m missing the middle ring. Since it was so full I had to upgrade the rings to bigger ones but only had two so for now it’ll have to work. On day 5 I had a lot of photos so to include them all I added that cute chevron bag to house all the pictures. It makes it easy to just pull them out and look at them.  

December Daily 2012 // cover

As I was preparing for this years December Daily album I realized last years never got its debut. This week I will be sharing last years along with how I’m setting mine up for this year. december daily 002 december daily 019 december daily 021

This thing is a beast! It’s so much larger than I expected it to be. Most of that is due to the amount of flair I used. On Etsy I got these really cool flair date badges (when I find the shop I will link it up) and they added a ton of bulk. But they were cute so I couldn’t resist! The result is just this chunky monkey.  

December Daily: Days 21-25

Here are the last few pages of 2011’s December Daily.
Day 21
 Days 22 & 23
 Day 24 (Christmas Eve!!!)
 Day 25 is the rest of the pages.
 We do a lot of house hopping on Christmas Eve and Christmas day
so it always takes extra pages to document them.

 What I usually do is include and envelope at the end of the book to house all
of the pictures that didn’t make it into the album.
That way everything is in one place.
I hope you all enjoyed my finished book (better late then never right!)
Have a Happy Monday!

December Daily: days 14-20

Hello! I’m back with the rest of my DD Days 14 &15
Days 16, 17 & 18

Day 19 (I’m sorry but it will not go the normal way no matter what I try)
Day 20
Alrighty just one more post of my DD!
Happy Super bowl!

December Daily: cover and days 1-3

Hello! I finally photographed my December Daily. Christmas feels like it was six months ago doesn’t it? Well better late then never!
Front cover  

Close up. It’s very shimmery but I couldn’t quite capture that in the picture.
 Inside cover
 Days 1 & 2

 Day 3. I found that pink card at the thrift shop. I just loved it and wanted to include it in my book!
One of the things I love most about this project is using found bits and pieces!
Since there are so many pictures I am breaking it into sections so check back tomorrow for more 🙂