My sanctuary

Well it’s been about a year since I first started redoing my scrapbook room and I just realized I have never shared pictures of it finished. There’s actually one more thing I’m waiting on…cabinet doors. But my husband has been so busy with work he hasn’t had time to finish them (plus I’ve changed my mind a few times about what I want). So I decided I’ll show it the way it is now then when he finally gets a chance to finish them I’ll show the way it looks ๐Ÿ™‚
View from my desk. Overlooking our yard and trees.
 My most favorite part – my Grandpa’s dresser (repainted of course)
 For my desk the right side was a piece we had from Ikea so Jeff built open shelves for the left that were the same size. He built the top out of strips of wood milled together then I stained it.
The crown hook it to hold my trash bag ๐Ÿ™‚
 We actually just built the stamp storage the other day. They were overflowing out of the basket I had them in and it was hard to find the one I needed.
 We made the counter top out of concrete. It’s supper sparkly! I added a bunch of glass and glitter to the mold then poured the concrete mix on top.  
 One of my favorite pieces…from a church silent auction.
The windows were off one of my dads jobs in Mission Hills.
 Another of my favorite containers (Hobby Lobby I think)
This is my favorite spot to be! Thanks for looking!


My One little word for 2012 is Balance. One day a few weeks ago while shopping for deals at TJ Max I came across a journal that said “If you strive for Balance you will find Harmony”. Like a maniac I started freaking out. What are the chances of randomly stumbling across something that exactly portrays what you want from your word?!?! I knew I wanted to make something to hang in my house as a daily reminder so I made this canvas.

Mint is my obsession right now. I want to create a room around this color scheme.
Enjoy your weekend!

Getting organized – mission my office

As things are getting busier I feel like I need to get organzed before I loose my mind! With losts of orders coming in and craft fairs to do I needed a place to keep track of all my orders. I made these clipboards to hang in my office next to my packaging area.
Now in a glance I can see what I need to do to stay on to of things.

My lucky day!

In my previous post I showed some of the most amazing chandeliers. My favorite one is the birdcages. And today while killing some time at Ross I found this beauty:
When I saw it my mind raced back to those chandeliers, then when I picked it up I realized it opens in half. So I could put a chandelier in myself and have the same effect as the uber expensive Restoration Hardware one. And the best part is it was only $12.99!!!
In our entryway we have a super hideous chandelier. It’s too small and extremely outdated. So my plan is to put the birdcage chandelier there. Once it’s all done I’ll show you the out come (it may be awhile because I need my husbands help hanging it) I can’t wait!!!

Beautiful things

Today I got a hold of the new Restoration Hardware catalog and let me tell you there are some AMAZING things in there! I really want these…

Aren’t those birdcage chandeliers just breath taking?!?! I’m so ready to redo our house!!!

Getting ready for fall!!!

Yay I am so excited Fall is almost here! I’m ready for my hot soy chai lattes and jackets. Here’s a new decoration I made that we’re selling in our shop

Bring on the cool weather, beautiful colors, costumes, pumpkins and fun!!!! I’m ready


This past week I have been able to get a lot of crafty stuff done. It feels to good to accomplish some things I have been wanting to do for a while. I did 11 layouts, made curtains for my scrap room, and made this pillow.

It’s amazing how creating things can be so therapeutic. Even though I’m still super sad about Heidi (see previous post) I feel more at peace with it. We miss her and preschool has been somber this past week. Everyone is morning her loss. We have such a supportive group of parents that I am so thankful for.

Mothers Day Decor

This year I am hosting a Mothers Day brunch at my house. I can’t wait! Here are some sneaks of a few things I made yesterday for the party:


Pieces of a garland for the patio


I made a ribbon for each mother that is coming to brunch. Can’t wait until one day I can have a reason to wear one ๐Ÿ˜‰

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What are you doing for all the mothers in your life?

planning, planning, planning

Planning for my new scrapbook room is in full swing! It is SO much fun gathering and hunting for the perfect things. This weekend I found the most perfect fabric that is pulling it all together (will share pics later). I was just browsing etsy for pillows and came across this:

Umm yeah I need it!