Shop Update

Tis the season of busy busy busy! My most favorite time of year. This year brings extra joy as we are about to welcome our second little one any day now. So much anticipation!!

Due to his pending arrival we will be putting our shop on vacation starting 12/6. We will reopen sometime in January (will keep you posted on the date) with new products!

We hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Cherie-30.jpg

Pregnancy journal

pregnancy journal 2

This upcoming weekend will mark the halfway point in my pregnancy. It’s going SO fast! So I decided if I wanted to document this pregnancy I better get on it. Once baby comes I’m sure all my focus will be on her.

Since I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to document it I’ve been keeping notes and stories in a journal.

I’ve been trying to soak in every moment thus far. And feeling really blessed for mild symptoms! I feel for woman who have rough pregnancies. It’s such a special time in ones life and when you feel crappy it’s hard to enjoy it.

Wishing all your pregnant mommies out there smooth pregnancies and healthy babies 🙂

pregnancy journal

No balloons have ever made me happier

its a girl ballonsgender reveal 1Well we are pretty dang excited it’s a girl!!!

We had a little gender reveal party to tell our families. They were all so excited as well. It’s pretty amazing I polled my friends, family and instagram followers and about 90% of people guessed girl. I love that!

Let the shopping begin ♥

Shop feature// Elise Joy

We are so honored to be featured on! As part of her Make 29 project she commissioned us to create her most recent product…wood plant stands. A couple weeks ago she stopped by our studio to checkout the progess of how we made these. It was so fun having her here!

Checkout her post here


elise plant stand

Photo courtesy of Elise

New items in the shop!

IMG_9821 IMG_9824One of my main goals in growing my shop is to grow the amount and selection of items we offer. Now don’t be surprised if baby geared items start showing up…I obvisoly have baby on the brain these days 🙂

Thoughts on working from home

This is my third week working from home. So far I am loving it!

Here a few of my thoughts so far..

1) It’s super easy to get distracted. These past few weeks haven’t been standard weeks for me either. Having one of my BFF’s in town and another having a baby it’s been much more fun to see them then stay home working.

2) Making a to-do list is key. I find days when I haven’t made a list I flounder around not really accomplishing anything. My Filofax is my best friend at this point.

3) Some days will be frustrating  and It’s ok to just take a break. Today was one of those days. I kept dropping things (see below) and messing stuff up. I decided I needed to get out of the house for a while. I went and swam some laps. What a difference it made! By the time I got home I was more focused and had more energy then before. It’s ok to take breaks and regroup. It’s not only ok but it’s vital for your sanity. That time also brought some fresh ideas and designs to mind.

office spill

So far so good! Now my goal is to get into a routine. I feel that will help me stay more productive and on task. I’m sure as these next weeks and months go by I’ll fall into a good working schedule, just in time for our baby to come stir things up 🙂 But I welcome that interruption because I know it will be so worth it!!

And most of all…

never give up


Mocktail ~ Moscow Mule


Oddly since becoming pregnant I’ve been craving cocktails, wine, sangria, you name it. This came a little bit as a surprise because I’m not a big drinker. On average I would maybe have a drink or two per month. It must be a physiological thing or something, you always want what you can’t have right?

Well I decided instead of fighting it why not enjoy a mocktail now and then. The other day it was hot and I was really craving a Moscow Mule. Which were my current favorite before getting preggers! However they are made with vodka, not allowed. So I set out to make my own.

Here’s how I made my mock-mule:

Juice of 1-2 limes (depending on the size of your glass)

Ginger beer (I used Reed’s)

Sprite or ginger ale

First I squeezed the lime juice in my glass. Next fill your glass 2/3 with ginger beer, finish it off with 1/3 of sprite (adjust the amount of ingredients to suit your taste). Add a lime wedge or two to you glass and enjoy!

Not only was this delicious and easy but the ginger can help sooth an upset tummy. Double bonus!


Our family is growing!

big brother 1Well this little guy is going to be a big bother! Little baby K is due early 2015!

We are on cloud nine! It’s very surreal. We have been planning for this baby our entire marriage and it’s finally happening! Poncho doesn’t quite appear to be as happy as we are but he’ll get over it 🙂

Making life changes

follow your heartEver since opening my shop I have dreamed of quitting my ‘day job’ and working on my shop full time. Well that day has finally come! After teaching preschool for twelve years I felt it was time to move on.

There are so many reasons for me to stay where I was and continue on with life as I knew it. But honestly I wanted more. When I started teaching it was only supposed to be part time until I was done with school. Well that didn’t happen. Out of love for the children (and maybe a little fear of change) I stayed year after year. Change is not my thing. Every time we’ve moved from one house to the next I cried even it I hated living there. So to quit my job, to do what I love was HUGE for me. It took a good two years for my sales to become consistent enough that I felt comfortable leaving my day job. Having all the pressure on me to make a living at this full time is kind of scary. We prayed about it a lot and felt like now was the right time. Even after giving my notice at work I was still second guessing myself about wither I made the right decision or not. The July came and confirmed it for me. My shop had record sales and everyday I thanked God for his reassurance.

Change is scary but good, and most of all necessary.



Happy Easter & DIY Easter bags

This year we actually get to stay home and partake in our Families Easter festivities! With Easter being during spring break we are typically driving to or from my happy place so we don’t get to enjoy it. Well this year we do and I’m so excited! I made these little bags for my niece and nephew. They were so easy too!

4-14 011

Below are the products I used4-14 013

1) Simply stamp the bags with the large background stamp and stamp the words

2) Hand sew the ribbon on

3) Adhered the bunnies then secured them with one stitch (they are self adhesive)

4) Fill with your favorite goodies!

4-14 012


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!