Featured on The Pocket Source today

Featured on The Pocket Source today

Have you heard of The Pocket Source? It’s a great new site dedicated to pocket style scrapbooking. They contacted me and asked if I would do a feature on their blog. I was thrilled! You can read the feature as … Continue reading

On sale now// Project Life storage boxes

project life organizer 006-1project life organizer 004The begging of this year I needed a solution to my growing Project Life supplies. My solution was to build a storage box. I had so many requests for them I’ve added them to my shop! The inside dividers come out and can move around to fit your needs. Thanks for taking a look!

Project Life 2013 // my favorite bits

 This year I love Project Life even more than I did last year. I feel like I’ve gotten in my grove finally. Recently I was caught up for this year (gasp I know!) so I decided to go back and finish up last years. This weekend I can officially call it done! Now that is a good feeling let me tell you. I thought I would share some of my favorite bits from this years album. {click photos to enlarge}

Typing a brief description of what we did each day helped tell the story of our vacation without taking up too much space. I created these right in Microsoft word. Just create a 3X4 ‘document’ and type away. My printer even allows me to print directly on them without having to attach the small cards to something larger.  So easy!

2013 012

2013 015

2013 017 2013 020 2013 021 2013 032

Those last two are some of my favorite weeks. The pictures just don’t do them justice.

How is your project life going this year?

Project life 2013 // Week 2

Week two and my life still consisted of packing. This week I used a mixture of the Seafoam and Olive kits along with a few cards from the Studio Calico project life kit. It’s nice having a variety of cards to choose from so I don’t get bored looking through the same ones over and over.
I’m loving my Shilloutte so much! It’s so easy to use which makes me actually use it. Unlike the machine I had before that I hardly ever used. Totally getting my moneys worth.


Project life 2013 // Week 1

 Week one was a pretty mellow week. Pretty much full of packing. Not so exciting. I did manage to capture some snuggle time with my favorite little guy. It’s my favorite part of the cooler weather. Typically he stands arms length away and wants to be pet. So much for the lap dog I wanted.
One good thing about packing is you discover things you forgot you had. Like that hot pink highlighter tape I used over the January 2013…score!

Project life 2013 // cover page

Grey + Pink + Gold is my favorite color combo right now. I decided to start off my project life album this way to represent my current obsession.
I’m not sold on staying with that picture of Jeff and I, hopefully I’ll be able to take a better one soon. But for now I can call it done and move on with my life.

Using my Silhouette I cut out our little family and backed it with gold glitter. It was the perfect touch! That machine is still my favorite thing. It is so much easier to use than my Cricut and I find myself using it much more because of it.
How is your project life coming so far this year?

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let’s talk project life

Hello friends! I’m taking a little break from packing to talk about the wonderful-ness that is Project Life.

Ok, so Project Life is totally taking the scrapbooking world by storm! Last year was my first year of actually doing it. And let me tell you I love it!  It is a great way to document all those little moments without having to create a full 12X12 layout each or forgetting them. Now don’t get me wrong I still had a heard time staying ‘caught up’ but I’m ok with that. At this point I have done everyday of 2012 through the middle of September. For the rest I need to finish I have printed the pictures, added them to the apporpriate slot and added post-its on each day with notes of what I wanted to document for that day.

Here are a few of my favorite weeks/days:
Last year I did each week as a two page spread working sun-sat. This year I will be changing it up because, let’s face it, my life’s not that exciting and I can only add so many cute pictures on Poncho before it turns into his Project Life book 🙂

For 2013 I plan to do a each week on one page, Monday – Sunday, that way the weekends are kept together. Then if I have extra pictures or special days I’ll document those in add on pages. Here’s a sneak of my card incerts for my 2013 cover page.


Staying on track 
Some people work on their week as it’s happening, some have a designated day they work on it and some (like me) work on it when time allows. One thing I do that really helps me remember what I want to document is keep a planner on my night stand. Every night when I get in bed I jot down notes and anything that happened that day I want to document. As I print the pictures I put them right in the pockets (in my album).That way I always know where my photos are and I’m not sitting there scratching my head wondering what day that picture was taken. Especially since sometimes it has been 2 months and I’m finally sitting down to write about it.
One thing I’m going to do is stick a few 3X4 cards in my purse so if I have some down time while I’m out and about I can write things down directly on them. Then when I get home they can go straight into my album.

Keeping your supplies organized is a huge part on staying on top of a project like this! I created this storage box for my desk that holds all my supplies. It’s SO handy having everything in one space!
When I first decided to do this project in 2011 I bought the kit Becky Higgins had on Amazon. It was great, everything came together (cards, album, page protectors, roller date stamp and arrow stickers). It was a great deal but after working with it for a while I grew tired of looking at the same cards over and over. So I started cutting down my own paper and keeping an eye out for other things to use.
One of my favorite things to use when I need to fill an empty spot are things I have pinned. I just print them out to fit the space I need. There are all these amazing quotes and funny things on Pinterest why not utilize them (On the back of each one I write the website it was from in case I ever need to look it up for some reason).

This year I’ll be in full-on Project Life mode. Between the two kits on Amazon, the amazing ones being released at CHA, the Studio Calico monthly kit and all the other random PL geared products out there will be SO many options. I can’t wait!
I’m looking forward to getting settled in our new home so I can jump right in! And I promise this year I’ll be better about blogging my progress 🙂

Happy Project Life-ing!!!

Project life card swap

On instagram @schonakessler hosted a project life card swap. Each person makes 15 cards, sends them to her then you get back 1 cards made by other people. I decided to join in the fun! This is a sample of the ones I made for the swap. It was so fun creating these, I can’t wait to see what the other girls came up with!

How did this happen?

I’m behind seven weeks in my Project Life book…ahhhh! I was doing so good and it just happened in the blink of an eye. Well you know what I’ll be working on this week 🙂
Thank goodness for post-it notes!

Project Life * Weeks 3 & 4 *

Whoa this year is on the move! March already?!?! Holy cow! I’m getting caught up on blogging project life.
Here’s week three
I love the Martha Stewart page protectors from Staples. They are perfect to add extra pics and such.
Week 4 – It ended up to be quite a sad week. One of the moms of a previous student of mine passed away from breast cancer. It was an amazing service, she will be missed by many.

Look how sweet Poncho is sleeping on his food plate. He melts my heart!
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Have a wonderful week!