I love scrapbooking!

This week I have been catching up on my December daily album and preparing project life 2012. I’m so excited to start project life this year! Last year I started it late so I felt a little unprepared and rushed. But not this year! I can’t wait to start! This glass bowl sits on my table and is the collecting spot for all my new/products I want to use in my book. It’s super easy since I can see through it.

As for my December daily it’s in progress. This is the first year since I started doing DD that I didn’t work on a single page until after Christmas. Next year I am for sure going back to doing a page a day. It’s way easier! This December just got away from me.
Even though I kept a journal of my daily activities/what I wanted to document each day I feel like details are lost. I love looking back through previous years books to see similarities and differences.
I’m very sad Christmas is over, like very sad but it will be here again before we know it! Enjoy your last few days of December!

Oh December

So far this December has been fun, busy, and full of projects! For some reason I have had a really hard time getting started on my December Daily. Which is weird because I have been waiting for December first so I could start it since like October! Hopefully today I get inspired and start driving on! One thing I have been doing (a tip for those of you have a hard time like me) is everyday take pictures and keep a journal of which pictures you want to use for each day. That way you don’t forget what you wanted to journal about. 
 Here is a glimpse of a tree I made to hold all of the cards we receive.  
It was inspired by a photo I saw on pinterest. Using old wood and cut offs of crown molding my husband had laying around I painted each one different. Added a star and some lights and whala! A place to hang all my cards. Let the cards roll in!

December Daily kit now available!

Kits are all packaged and ready to go! It’s the same one I’m going to be using so you can follow along here. Yay I’m so excited about Christmas!!!!!!!
This is what I was doing at 11:11am on 11/11/11
Driving to Hobby Lobby 🙂
Be back with a Thankful Album update

December Daily

It’s done! I am so thrilled to have it complete and I’m happy with how it turned out. Here’s some sneak peaks of it:

Poncho’s trying to figure out what is taking my attention away from him 🙂

It’s been rainy and cloudy here today so it’s making it hard to take good pics. Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny so I can get some fab pics 🙂

One more day

Just one more day until December! I’m super excited to get started on my December daily album. I remember last year loving it. The process that worked best for me was everyday writing down what I had done that day and what stories I wanted to share. After that I printed out my pictures. If had time that night I added them to the book otherwise I had everything ready so I could add them easily the next day.

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(leaves I used to decorate my Thanksgiving table)

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about my album 🙂

December daily

Dum, dum, dum….here it is. Finally got it put together! There are a few things I need to finish up, but I still love it. (to see the pictures bigger just click on them)

It’s about 8 1/2 X 11 and I used my bind-it-all to bind it. This size worked well for me. It allowed me to add many pictures to the pages if I needed to. There are a few things I will do different next time. When I oringinally put this together I added all the numbers to the pages ahead of time. Next time I will wait until I’m making it to do that. There we days I alotted a lot of space for but didn’t need it and then other days the opposite. Next Christmas I will for sure do it again!

fun stuff

This week I have had some time to actually make stuff. It’s so wonderful and exciting! My list of pages and mini book ideas is about a mile long so it feels really good to get some things accomplished. But first I have to tell you about an exciting find. You know Micheal’s fabulous dollar section? They have these cute Christmas chipboard books! They had Christmas trees, Santa hats, stars, mittens, gingerbread men, angels and I think snowmen. How perfect! My plan is to make a banner with some of them. I’ll show you once I start making it.

Recently on Ali Edwards blog she was talking about her yearly project called December Daily. She makes an album ahead of time that way she can scrapbook about her day easily and quickly. She starts December 1st and goes through Christmas day (one page pre day). I thought this was a great idea and this year I am doing it. I’ve gathered my materials and started making the book.

I used an old Starbucks bag for the cover (I knew I would need it one day) and most of the pages inside are using Basic Grey Christmas papers. As I do each page in I will post it. The chipboard books would be great in it too.
This book has inspired me to keep daily notes. Not that I will scrapbook everyday of my life but I am trying to document more of the everyday and not just special occasions.

Happy crafting!