Project Life * Week 2 *

Here is week two. So far still loving this project! I know, I know it’s only week two but with the way I lose interest in things that’s a feat 🙂
And last week I finished my December Daily (look for detailed shots coming soon!)

I love December Daily! Ali is a genius for coming up with it!

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Project Life * Week 1 *

Hello and welcome to my take of project life. Here’s a peek at my cover page.
 Week one…a fun filled week!
Last year I bought Becky Higgins project life kit. In February I lost interest and there it sat. So when I decided to take a second run at it I choose to work with the old kit. I still love the papers and colors. Plus its way easier knowing everything will match. It takes all the guess work out of it.
I need to keep it as simple as possible because I know myself…if it takes too much time I won’t be able to keep up. Although I will be mixing in stuff I have on hand, along with bits and pieces of stuff I collect throughout the year, the bulk of it will be based on the kit.
Happy scrapping!

I love scrapbooking!

This week I have been catching up on my December daily album and preparing project life 2012. I’m so excited to start project life this year! Last year I started it late so I felt a little unprepared and rushed. But not this year! I can’t wait to start! This glass bowl sits on my table and is the collecting spot for all my new/products I want to use in my book. It’s super easy since I can see through it.

As for my December daily it’s in progress. This is the first year since I started doing DD that I didn’t work on a single page until after Christmas. Next year I am for sure going back to doing a page a day. It’s way easier! This December just got away from me.
Even though I kept a journal of my daily activities/what I wanted to document each day I feel like details are lost. I love looking back through previous years books to see similarities and differences.
I’m very sad Christmas is over, like very sad but it will be here again before we know it! Enjoy your last few days of December!