Monday is funday!

I don’t know why I love Mondays so much? Maybe it’s the extra day off work? They just seem mellow to me…nice and relaxing.
OK so my friend Gen and I do weekly scrapbook challenges. We alternate between the two of us to choose the new challenge. Last week was my turn…I choose the topic of fashion (of course) and we had to use fabric on the layout somewhere. For some reason this was really hard for me (I know what’s wrong with me it’s fashion) but once I choose the pictures it only took me like 20 min. Here is my layout (sorry for that bad photo I’ll try to take one during the day):

Title: I could never be a nudist!

Journaling: I love how having the perfect outfit can make your day, change your mood, and boost self-confidence. It’s such a fun way to express oneself. I love fashion for the same reasons as scrapbooking the colors, textures, and endless possibilities. Fashionista at heart!


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