what a busy weekend! The sports bar Jeff has been working on for a year finally opened! It was so exciting to see it full of people. I am so proud of him it is a huge accomplishment in his career!

These are a few pics from the soft opening. Both our family’s were there and we all had a good time! So Sunday Jeff got done early at work because he can’t really work while they are open. He had no clue to do with himself! So what better to do than lie on the ground in the back yard!?!? Poncho was a little weired out by this and stood by him the whole time (see they love each other).

As soon as I got my camera and started to take a picture of Jeff sleeping Poncho had to jump right in on the action. He would not get out of the pictures, what a little ham! Well I hope all of you had a great weekend too!

~ Cherie

One thought on “Phew…

  1. Awesome!! I have to go and see it finished…its been quite a long process, im sure he’s happy to be finally done! You too for that matter 🙂

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