Summers over…

But it is still so hot! I am totally ready for fall. My jackets and long sleeve tops are just waiting patiently in my closet. A couple of weeks ago we took Poncho to dog beach for the 2ND time in his life. The first was horrible so I was hesitant but he loved it! he didn’t even mind all the other dogs coming up to him.

School has started back up again and I moved classrooms this year. It took a lot of extra time to decorate it but it turned out super cute. I will try and remember to take pictures to post. Not that I’m getting settled in there I will have more time for crafty things. Here a couple of things I have made for Etsy. I’ve been having so much fun making these paper flowers. I went to the thrift store and got an old book to use. After I punched them out I sprayed them with glimmer mist.

I’ve also been playing with canvases a lot. It’s been so fun to just make a mess and see what turns out. Also I have made all these things with my scrap paper left over from other projects. It’s great cause my scrap pile was getting a little out of control!

Soon I will giving you more sneak peeks. Have a good weekend!


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