Last weekend I went to my dad’s house to watch football (his TV is MUCH bigger than ours). He lives on about 5 achers, so after the game I went wondering. He has this pile of wood and a few misc items out in a shed. While I was getting fire wood I saw this little treasure.

Sitting there full of green water, rusting like crazy. So I thought to myself ‘I could totally use that to hold scrapbook supplies’. I brought it to my dad to see if he needed it (obviously he wasn’t using it but you never know if he had a plan). Of course he said I could have it, but he suggested we sandblast the rust off first (I let him do that).

Once it was rust free (well as much as it could be), I washed it off, let it dry, then painted it. What color you ask ~ pink of course! It’s so much cuter now. I just love taking old, ugly, worn out things and making them useful again! I guess I get it from my dad 🙂

Now I’m off to clean my scrapbook room…

One thought on “Treasures

  1. Oh my gosh, what a find that was!! I love it! It looks like the perfect scrapbook supply caddy – lucky girl! I'm loving your blog, lots of fun ideas! I want to see your scrap room and how you organize – I'm sure it's gorgeous 🙂

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