crafty things

My dad gave me a bunch of frames he received from a client (I couldn’t believe they were just throwing them away). They are all different sizes and finishes. I’ve been dying to do something fun with them. At Seaside Papery I got some super fun sheets of wrapping paper. It was too pretty to use on just any project. I got the idea to turn one of them into a magnet board for my scrapbook room.

I spray painted the frame black. Got sheet metal from a local metal shop (this was so funny. They were totally freaked out when 2 girls came walking in looking for metal). After I cut the metal to size (with some help from my hubby) I used spray adhesive to glue the paper to the metal. And ta-da a magnet board! So easy and fun because you can make it any size or color you want.

Of course I forgot to take before pictures of the frame. It works perfectly! I’m making more and possibly putting them on my Etsy page (if I can part with them). Once I figure out what I am doing with the other frames I will share them.
Have a great day!

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