Happy March!

March really????

Last weekend was so super stressful. My poor little baby guy, Poncho, had to go to the emergency vet. He was having trouble breathing. Long story short, he stayed the night there on oxygen, has pneumonia, an inflamed heart and it has fluid around it. The fluid is most likely what caused the pneumonia. We go in this week for an ultra sound of his heart to see whats going on in there. The good news is he’s home now with full energy.

Ok Gen, Ann-Marie and I are starting our weekly challenges again. It’s a great way for us to get our creative juices flowing each week. Every Thursday we will post a challenge on our blog that the other girls will do. Each of us will post our take of the challenge on our own blogs.

I’m a little behind seeing I was going to post Thursday but was at the doggie er. Here’s my take on Ann-Marie’s challenge: The challenge was to get inspired by a music.

Gens Challenge was to use a non conventional scrap item on your layout. Here’s my take:

The polka dot paper behind the photo is actually a tissue. I knew I had been collecting cute tissues for a reason 🙂
Thursday I post mine so check back girls to see what I have in store.

P.S. If someone other than Gen or Ann-Marie want to play along feel free! Just post a comment with a link to your take below.

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