I ♥ snow

Last week was so much fun! Jeff and I haven’t been on a vacation just us two since our honeymoon (almost six years ago). It was so relaxing. We enjoyed the falling snow every single day. It was the best! If Jeff said lets move there I would in a heart beat. We spent a lot of time looking at houses and dreaming of our ‘someday’ house. My dream is to build a big house so at Christmas all our family could come stay with us and finally have a white Christmas. One day…

For now we just played in the snow like children (well mainly me, Jeff just took pictures of me being silly). Since we don’t get to spend a ton of time together in our ‘real life’ I was a little nervous that we might get tired of each other. Not the case at all. If anything it makes me miss him even more when we’re apart now.
I ♥ him! Ok on to the photos…

Dad you are the best thank you so much for our trip!!! We love you ♥

P.S. You are going to be seeing those cute little hearts all the time. My mom just told me who to do them (I know, I know how could I have not known that) Love you mom!

P.S.S Paige we went to Cafe Rio twice…it was amazing! I might be driving up to Pasadena just to go there ☺

3 thoughts on “I ♥ snow

  1. Well first I got a grilled chicken quesadilla with hot sauce. Then the next time I got a grilled chicken burrito with hot sauce enchilada style. They were booth yummy but my fave was the quesadilla. I've been craving it ever since! Oh and I LOVED their green tea!

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