Home Again

Last week my Dad, sister and I took a last minute trip to Arkansas to visit my sick aunt. She is not doing well so we went to see her before anything bad happens. It had been at least a year since I had seen her and my uncle so it was a great trip!

Being born and raised in Cali I had my ideas about AR. And yes there are some redneck Larry the Cable Guy type of people there, but not as many as expected :)everyone was super nice! It’s so much greener there than I would have ever thought. My aunt wanted to make sure we saw some sights while we were there so we checked out a few sights. I even got a Little shopping in 😉

We drove there and it just so happens that Albuquerque NM is a half way point between home and my aunts. That worked out really well because on of my besties, Veronica, lives there. We go to see her going and coming. The first night we saw her she cooked us a yummy dinner. The second time we went out for dinner and drinks. It was great to see her!

I’m currently working on a mini album for he trip so I will post pics as soon as I get it done. Have a great week everyone!

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