Being thankful

Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful. After losing my brother in May and my Aunt in September I try everyday to be thankful for all I have. It has made me realize how short life is and how fast it can pass. I miss them tremendously. Connor (my brother) was way too young. He brought so much joy to our family. I do have to say that through his illness it has brought our family closer, and for that I am thankful.


I am thankful for my nephew, who constantly cracks everyone up. And who at Thanksgiving dinner, while I was praying, yelled out “Auntie Cherie” (in his most monster like voice). It has keep us laughing all weekend.

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I am thankful for the moments we shared. Just hanging out, being goofy, and laughing.

So remember to make sure all the people you love know it. Spend time with them and take lots of pictures ☺ You never know how things may change.

♥ Cherie

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