Getting strappy

So I’m totally LOVING my new camera!!!!! I love that it does so much and I have no clue how to use most of the features. It gives me a challenge and something to learn. Love it! One thing that was bugging me about it though was the strap. It was a little scratchy and the rubber backing stuff pulled my hair. So I decided to make this:

It was super fast to make! And it kills two birds with one stone it adds cuteness and doesn’t pull my hair any more…whohoo!

One thought on “Getting strappy

  1. You are so darn talented! Very cute! I need to learn to sew one of these for my camera (I got a new one a few months ago too!)Take Care, Love, Belinda P.S. please tell Ale that i said "HI", thanks 🙂 I think I misplaced both of your e-mail addresses!

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