Hello! It feels like forever since I’ve been on here. Even to check out what everyone’s up to. So I was in my most favorite place in all the land, Park City, Utah! I seriously feel right at home whenever I’m there (hopefully one day it will be home). Surprisingly, for those who know me, I hardly took any pictures. I know whats wrong with me?!?! Oh well, here’s a few I did get:

An old mine shaft we saw on a hike

My dad and these gigantic eggs he found at Hobby Lobby (which in case you didn’t know is the best store earth) for my niece and nephew

The view into our yard

We shopped and shopped

and shopped!

My creations at Color Me Mine (no they are not meant to go next to each other)

Some shoes I’ve had for a long time and had never worn before

I just thought this great was so pretty


I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! Now I need to make time to scrapbook these ๐Ÿ™‚

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