Home Sweet Home

Over spring break my love and I took our annual trip to my favorite place, Park City! We had such a good time I never wanted to come back. Despite the lack of snow it was still amazing! Every time I go there I feel like I’m home. Hopefully one day I will call it home (or at least have my own vacation house there).

Friday was the only day it snowed while we were there so we had to take advantage while we could.
I have been there so many times and just discovered these shoe trees! Apparently it was an old miners tradition to throw their shoes in a tree when they got engaged. Next time I’m bringing some shoes to throw in there 🙂
We got to eat at one of my fave restaurants. So yummy!!!
Cute dog just off main street

Since there wasn’t much snow we got to do things we normally don’t like hike at Bridal Veil Falls.
On the way home we drove thru Bryce and Zion. Always such a pretty drive.
One of my favorite things is how you can see the layers of earth. So amazing! 

Each year it gets harder and harder to come back. However I am very thankful to live in an amazing city close to the beach.
Did anyone else get to do something exciting over spring break?

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