My new toy

Last week I finally got a Silhouette Cameo! I’ve been wanting one so bad so you can imaging my excitement when I finally got my hands on it 🙂
 Straight out of the box it was very self explanitory. I was able to figure out how to create these tags without even opening the user manual. I found the software very easy to use. Each feature I’ve used so far was easy to figure out. And no I don’t know how to use each and every feature yet. I feel there’s still more to learn but I was at least able to install the program and cut my first image within an hour.
When the original silhouette first came out I was intimidated by the fact I needed to use a computer and the program seemed like a lot to learn. So at that point I bought a Cricut instead. Now, I have loved my Cricut and it’s worked great over all these years. I was just wanting more creative freedom with my designs. The major deciding factor was that with the Silhouette you can use any font you have on your computer. This is huge for me! Since I was buying cartridges just for the font and not using any of the images.

In the picture above I used the print and cut feature. I didn’t even know this was an option! So cool!
After I bought the Silhouette I started looking at their blog and holy moly you can do so much with this machine! SO if your on the fence about it I say go for it! Or at least add it to your Christmas wish list. Happy crafting!

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