The original table dancer

Today was a rough one. It was the day we laid my Grandma in her final resting place. She passed away last weekend surrounded by her loved ones. My Grandma was always a party animal. In her younger days she was known to dance on tables, which has been passed down to my mom and now to me. Yep I’ve been know to dance on a table or two! It all started with my Gram.

Poncho's Fiesta 012

Growing up we lived next door to her and my Grandpa. It was the best! I could look out my bedroom window and see into her kitchen window. The kitchen is where she spent most of her time. She was always there for us. When we needed to escape we could just walk right over there and hang out. Plus she almost always had something delicious on the stove. She will be missed greatly but we know she is at peace now watching over us.


My wish is that when we have children they will have such a strong bond with our parents like I did with my grandparents.

Love you Gram!



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