My 2014 Filofax setup

Are you Filofax obsessed? Yep me too!

Every year I buy a planner use it until, I don’t know maybe March, then it sits the rest of the year in my way. Not this time folks! Towards the end of last year I purchased a Filofax. I choose the personal size in Fluro Pink. The great thing about this size is it fits in my purse, which makes it easier to use. When I first got it I took out all the inside pages and added back only the pages I knew I would use. That worked great for the end of the year but I knew I wanted to change it starting in the new year. Below are pics of how I’ve set mine up for this year. jan 2014 009 jan 2014 011 jan 2014 013 jan 2014 014

Each week I use my roller date stamp to mark the dates.

jan 2014 016 jan 2014 017 jan 2014 018

With the help of my coffee I’m able to get through my to do list. For the days that are too full and require more space to plan my list I use these pages.

Most weeks I just need one of these extra pages.

jan 2014 019 jan 2014 021 jan 2014 022 jan 2014 023 jan 2014 024 jan 2014 025 jan 2014 026 jan 2014 028

I love the Filofax foldout map!

jan 2014 029

So that’s how I’m using it right now. It works for me and I recommend a Filofax to anyone who needs a little more planning in their life.

Happy February!!


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