Challenge #3 // Bring back an old obsession

Do have that one product (or maybe many) you used to use all the time then one day just stopped? You probably still have a bunch of it sitting there staring at you every time you enter your craft space. Well for me that’s ribbon. I have been collecting (maybe even hoarding) ribbon for sometime now and I really don’t use it on layouts anymore. Every now and then I bust some out to wrap a present but haven’t really got creative with it in a while…until now! ImageImage



It was fun playing with it again! I really think it stopped being my go to when washi came into my life. Now I’m bringing back the ribbon and challenging myself to use it in combo with washi on future layouts.

What’s a product you used to use a lot of and now never touch?

We challenge you to get it out and play! Hopefully you’ll have a renewed love for it. And don’t forget to check out what Dana’s old obsession is.

Have a great week!


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