Thoughts on working from home

This is my third week working from home. So far I am loving it!

Here a few of my thoughts so far..

1) It’s super easy to get distracted. These past few weeks haven’t been standard weeks for me either. Having one of my BFF’s in town and another having a baby it’s been much more fun to see them then stay home working.

2) Making a to-do list is key. I find days when I haven’t made a list I flounder around not really accomplishing anything. My Filofax is my best friend at this point.

3) Some days will be frustrating  and It’s ok to just take a break. Today was one of those days. I kept dropping things (see below) and messing stuff up. I decided I needed to get out of the house for a while. I went and swam some laps. What a difference it made! By the time I got home I was more focused and had more energy then before. It’s ok to take breaks and regroup. It’s not only ok but it’s vital for your sanity. That time also brought some fresh ideas and designs to mind.

office spill

So far so good! Now my goal is to get into a routine. I feel that will help me stay more productive and on task. I’m sure as these next weeks and months go by I’ll fall into a good working schedule, just in time for our baby to come stir things up 🙂 But I welcome that interruption because I know it will be so worth it!!

And most of all…

never give up


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