Pregnancy journal

pregnancy journal 2

This upcoming weekend will mark the halfway point in my pregnancy. It’s going SO fast! So I decided if I wanted to document this pregnancy I better get on it. Once baby comes I’m sure all my focus will be on her.

Since I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to document it I’ve been keeping notes and stories in a journal.

I’ve been trying to soak in every moment thus far. And feeling really blessed for mild symptoms! I feel for woman who have rough pregnancies. It’s such a special time in ones life and when you feel crappy it’s hard to enjoy it.

Wishing all your pregnant mommies out there smooth pregnancies and healthy babies 🙂

pregnancy journal

New items in the shop!

IMG_9821 IMG_9824One of my main goals in growing my shop is to grow the amount and selection of items we offer. Now don’t be surprised if baby geared items start showing up…I obvisoly have baby on the brain these days 🙂

Our family is growing!

big brother 1Well this little guy is going to be a big bother! Little baby K is due early 2015!

We are on cloud nine! It’s very surreal. We have been planning for this baby our entire marriage and it’s finally happening! Poncho doesn’t quite appear to be as happy as we are but he’ll get over it 🙂