Monday already!?!?

I swear I blinked and then it was Monday again! Life is just passing me by way too fast these days. Anyone see the season finally of Grey’s Anatomy? It really made me think about how fast things in life can change. So I’m trying to have fun and not take the little things too seriously. I believe we should all try to enjoy life as much as we can and just have fun! Right now my dad and brother are in Alaska. I was really nervous for them to go (especially Connor) but the more I thought about it the more I realized they just need to have fun. I hope they have the best time and really bond.

Sunday we went to my mom’s for a celebration. My sister, Renee, and her family got baptized so we had a lunch for them. Jeff and Riley had such a good time. They got into a water fight. Riley just adores him!

Here’s Maylee and I…she is getting so big!

Drum roll please…here is a picture of this weeks challenge. It was the first time I ever used my sewing machine to stitch on a layout. Super fun!

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