Cricut love!

Ahhh…one of the best inventions ever was the Cricut! I totally forgot how much I love that thing! With it’s endless possibilities and easy to use functions I don’t know how I ever scrapbooked without it. So Gen’s challenge for us was to use our die cutting machine…so I busted out the Cricut and started cutting. Here is what happened:

I used the Home Accents cartridge to cut out the butterflies. After I cut them out I covered them with glitter. So beautiful I even did my nails! Now I look like a sparkly smurf 🙂 so fun!

2 thoughts on “Cricut love!

  1. Gorgeous! Im working on mine right now but i think ill have to finish it tomorrow…im kinda stuck, and im soooo tired…and unfortunately i have to work in the morning! ugh.

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