Back in comission…

Phew…what a pain! Last week our computer crashed. Like totally dead trying to talk to me in computer language. We thought everything was gone…pictures, work files, everything! We were freaking out thinking of all the things we lost. Then I got this overwhelming sense of calm and thought you know it was just our computer files, what if it had been our house! So that helped put things into perspective and we moved on. Luckily the wonderful computer guy was able to save ALL our files! So thankful and happy…whooohooo!!!! Hence the absence from blogland. So the moral of the story ALWAYS back your stuff up!

So I will get a picture up within the next couple of days for Gen’s challenge. This week it’s my turn so here it is: Scrapbook a difficult time in your life. You don’t have to have pictures or even share the journaling but get those feelings down. Have fun!

~ Cherie

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