I love holidays!!!

Ahhh 4th of July…what a wonderful day! Holidays are the best. I love spending time with friends and family especially when I get to have parties. This year we just stayed home and had a small little pool party. Here are some pictures:

My cutie little sugarplum. He loved his hat!

So here is my crazy husband. Yes people he set up his 11 foot scaffolding next to our pool to jump off of. Give a man some tools and he turns them into toys!

Danielle and I swimming. It appears that Jeff is practicing his karate moves in the back ground.

Connor-man! My not-so-little brother…he’s like 6’2″!

I hope everyone had a great 4th and a great week. Check back soon for some layouts. I’ve been in a funk the past couple of weeks but getting back in the grove. I will post my challenge pages too. Tell next time enjoy life!


2 thoughts on “I love holidays!!!

  1. Hi!!!!! I haven't heard from you but I am glad everuthing is going well, although I don't think Poncho REALLY likes his hat, poor thing… On the other hand Jeff is having some fun!!!!!! So good to "see" you and I hope we can get together soon!!! Love, Ale 😉

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