First Flea Market

Today my sister and I drove up to the Long Beach Flea Market. It was so fun! There was some pretty amazing things. I could have redecorated most of the rooms in our house with stuff from there. I went with my list of things I was looking for but also keep an open mind because who knows what you can find at places like that. Along with a sunburn here are a few things I got:

I’ve been looking for frames for our family room…these are perfect. I’m digging the rustic-ness but I think I’m going to paint them to match the other frames. Everything I got was such a great deal! Some people definitely were trying to sell things for crazy amounts of money. I just stayed away from them 🙂

I really really really wanted these artichokes!!! They were just to pricey. Now I’m on a hunt for some cheap ones.

This bench is so fun!

One thing I can say about the flea market is there were all different kinds of people there. It was more diverse than Disneyland!

If you ever get the chance to go to a flea market do it! Even if you don’t find anything it’s still fun.

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