Photo storage/ Layout planning

Have you ever had a specific idea or title for a layout and when you sit down to do it your mind goes blank? It happens(ed) to me a lot! My memory is terrible (really it is. I’m scared to get old, who knows what it will be like then)and I was so tired of forgetting my layout ideas so I made this form. Basically you can create it to suit your needs. As you can see below the points I wanted to document or remember are:

1) What event are the pictures from
2) Date
3) Where
4) If I had a title in mind
5) What I want to journal about. Sometimes it has nothing to do with what the event is or what we were doing in the picture. It may be a feeling or a quote etc.
6) If there was a specific product I had in mind
7) Sketch

Now I don’t fill out the form completely for every layout I want to create. Sometimes I just want to jot down a title and date, etc.

This has been a very helpful tool for me. Hopefully this will help some of you out too 🙂

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